What if there is a possibility that we have unlimited potential within us?

  • How do we achieve success in our day to day lives which ultimately leads to a life of fulfillment?
  • How different would life be if we knew how to navigate and conquer it?
  • How much more rewarding would life be if we knew how to use our minds to get what we want in life?
  • How do we go from average to extraordinary in life, business, relationships or in any aspect of life?

Exploring Possibility is a personal growth podcast built on the premise that our mindset can either make or break us. The objective of the show is to consciously strengthen people’s minds, guide them towards transformation and to empower them to live a fulfilled, happy and impactful life by equipping them with the tools and insights to make that a reality!

To help unlock this and remind you of who you truly are, I bring together purposeful entrepreneurs, high performing athletes, influential celebrities, leaders and unsung heroes among us to discuss and share insights, advice and wisdom to ignite your curiosity, strengthen your mindset and stretch your thinking to live more fulfilling lives.

I have always had this undying belief that we all have unlimited power within us, patiently waiting to make its way into existence. Part of unlocking this unlimited potential within us requires new levels of understanding and belief. It requires a new level of consciousness.

This insight only hit me later in life. I have always been ignorant. Like they say, you don’t know what you don’t know. I was really lost, confused and uncertain. Exploring possibility has been part of my journey and helped me uncover secrets to life.

My exploration phase helped me get more out of life. It helped me buy and run 2 franchises. It helped me create an inspiring, loving, supportive and fulfilling relationship. It helped me level up my health and experience more wellness. It has helped me start and achieve things of note.

Learning should be an ongoing process. Learning should also be intentional so make the decision to grow intentionally and purposefully and subscribe to the personal growth podcast below to let the journey of personal growth begin!

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“The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur.”
Elon Musk

Show Host

Hi there! My name is Christopher Geel. I am an aspiring entrepreneur, possibilitarian and part-time growth explorer. I enjoy stretching the mind, expressing the soul & nurturing the body. I am a normal guy who believes in extraordinary things. I also, believe it or not, love having conversations around growth and impact!

My background and experience is well established in the health & fitness industry. As I worked as a personal trainer and group fitness trainer, I came to the conclusion that people get stuck in their minds and therefore don’t pull through with their actions to improve their health & fitness. This realization is what pushed me into the realm of thought, the quantum field, and put me into the pursuit of helping people strengthen their minds and belief to overcome challenges they face daily.

I now study the mind, the brain, human behavior, growth, learning, success, entrepreneurship, impact, sport, nutrition, and all the things related to strengthening our minds and belief. I also study the most successful people in the world and absorb their content to gain a better understanding of how I can help those around me through my business, this podcast and multiple other adventures I found myself in.

Finally, I share the knowledge I find from the experts and successful people around the world with humanity because I want to see people become the best version of themselves!

Christopher Geel - Exploring Possibility Host

I encourage you to be the possibility!

Listen to my 1st episode to learn more about the show, myself and why you should be listening!