Jack Murray is in the business of helping coaches, consultants and mentors monetize and scale their business. Most of his strategies that he teaches goes beyond business and is interwoven with life and personal development.

In 2012, Jack started a coaching school in Australia called the Australian Institute of coaching and sold it in 2015. It’s still remains one of the most successful life coaching schools in Australia.

His journey started with a Tony Robbins event so have a listen through to listen to his exciting story, background and insights!

You will become who you listen to

Noteworthy questions:

10:42 Why start with life first and then business? 

19:04 What has been your biggest challenge in the marketplace and how did you overcome it?

22:35 Is their value in mentorship for someone who wants to grow? 

24:38 What is the best way to stretch our thinking?

29:20 What is a spiritual contract? 

38:41 How do you break through fear and use it to our advantage?

Key takeaways

  • Curiosity is the start of the process when finding your passion.
  • The reason you care what other people think is because you are misaligned.
  • Those who are finding incongruencies in you are actually just finding incongruencies in themselves. We just act as mirrors.
  • The toughest challenge is being able to be you and not listen to everyone else.
  • You should never put a mentor on a pedestal, they are human just like you. Once you put them on a pedestal, you’ll start to see insecurities and incongruencies.

People mentioned:

Start to live into who you want to become rather than one day setting up a destination for who you want to become

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