Jeremy is a parenting coach, best selling author, Kung Fu master and Pan-American champion. He is also certified in hypnotherapy and NLP. He was abused as a child at 5 and 6, lived in anger for 20 years and now wants to teach children how to find their own voice!

Jeremy Roadruck is a catalyst on a mission to empower children so that they never feel as if they can’t speak up for themselves. He works with families to empower children to speak up and own their voices! With this episode we dive in and see what we can learn from Jeremy as adults!

Wear the mask of the Buddha long enough and eventually you can’t take it off

Noteworthy questions:

17:57 How do we spot fear and how do we deal with it? 

25:01 How did you deal with 20 years of anger?

30:00 How does sport contribute to our personal development? 

45:52 What is NLP and how do we use it to our advantage? 

Key takeaways

  • You were born a winner. You had to learn to become a loser. 
  • You have got to get up and move. It helps you internalize information. 
  • The way we talk reveals how we store things in our brain.
  • Adults think they are better at lying and rationalizing but the body can’t lie.
  • Your pretend will become your reality.  
  • God doesn’t make junk. Go out there and light the world.

You are born a winner and somewhere along the line learned to be a loser

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You get to experience what you give away. What you keep inside of you dies with you so give away the good stuff

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