Bridget is the founder of shift 1 degree which helps people grow their business. She hosts workshops and coaching for professionals or businesses looking to reach their goals. She has tried and tested many avenues of life to come to where she is now and her path is one we can definitely learn from.

Bridget’s passion is to help people bring business ideas to life, and open doors of opportunity. She takes people to another level – no matter where you are in your business, personal finances, personal relationships or well-being.

Her belief is: the more you develop yourself, the more successful you will be and I truly resonate and confirm on that because it’s been personal for me as well.

This begs the question: Without developing yourself how is it possible to create, develop, operate and grow a successful business and stay in love with your career? I can even branch this question out to all other facets of life. If you’re not developing yourself then what version of you are you providing to your family, friends, your spouse, etc.

You only live once. Seize every moment 

Noteworthy questions:

18:45 How vital is health to life & business? 

22:02 Biggest takeaway from a decade in the fitness industry?

38:08 How do strengths impact business? 

40:26 How do we find out what we’re good at? 

43:08 What makes you a believer in all things possible? 

Key takeaways

  • Starve your fears and get mentally strong
  • Create your purpose and be the purple cow
  • Our strengths are what makes us absolutely unique
  • Focus on the things you are really good at and outsource the rest

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Starve your fears and get mentally strong

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