Gilan is a global authority on influence. He has presented for international companies, business organisations and government agencies in 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and America, and is the author of the bestselling book Persuasion Games.

With two decades’ experience as a professional mentalist, Gilan creates unique learning experiences that help people unleash their influence. He teaches how to apply a working knowledge of influence and persuasion to real-life practical situations, to be able to lead, sell, negotiate, market and inspire on a new level.

He says that the techniques that he uses are as accessible to anyone as the ability to breathe, all you need to do is learn how to apply them. POWERFUL!

Our only limitation is our perception of reality

Noteworthy questions:

09:11 Which skills and philosophies are under mentalism? 

29:29 What is influence and how necessary is it to develop influence as a skill? 

34:10 What is the Rapid Influence Formula? 

Key takeaways

  • Question-storming: Rather than thinking about ideas, it’s about thinking about questions. 
  • The mind, speech and body are all interlinked. Everything that we experience and think is in our field of consciousness. 
  • Body language is a more reliable source of information than what somebody is saying because it’s easy to change what we want to say.
  • Our reality is the sum of everything that has come before it to make that moment what it is.

I am not who I think I am, I am not who you think I am, I am who I think you think I am

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You can’t influence people if you can’t lead them. You can’t lead people if you can’t influence them.

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