Today I had a chat with Thabang Madiba and he is such a humble and inspirational guy. Through hard work, dedication, and passion, he has won the South African Trail Running Championships multiple times and was the first black South African to represent the country in trail running. He is the Two Oceans Marathon Trail Race Champion, Skyrim African Champ & Racing Madagascar Champion.

To achieve greatness as an athlete requires a lot of discipline and hard work.

Some questions I asked:

14:26 How do you define success?

15:48 How do you prepare yourself mentally?

18:44 What fears do you have?

20:25 Who inspires you?

23:24 How can running make you a better person?

Key takeaways:

  • Trail running requires an exceptional amount of mental toughness to endure such long distances especially at a fast pace
  • It’s a blessing when you are disadvantaged or come from a struggling background as it forces you to dream big!
  • Focusing and working constantly towards a big goal helps you silence your excuses and make you forget your current problems or situation.
  • Envision yourself with the top class players or participants. It could very much help you endure what you are doing.
  • It is not always about winning. It is about enjoying the journey on your way there.
  • To be a great runner, or any type of athlete for that matter, takes a lot of hard work and discipline. It takes discipline and also builds discipline

There are no shortcuts to marathon preparation

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Climbing or running a mountain will always humble you

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