Learn How To Focus Your Energy And Lessons From A Kung Fu Master with Jeremy Roadruck – 011

Jeremy is a parenting coach, best selling author, Kung Fu master and Pan-American champion. He is also certified in hypnotherapy and NLP. He was abused as a child at 5 and 6, lived in anger for 20 years and now wants to teach children how to find their own voice!

Stretch Your Thinking And Become Congruent with Jack Murray – 010

Jack Murray is in the business of helping coaches, consultants and mentors monetize and scale their business. Most of his strategies that he teaches goes beyond business and is interwoven with life and personal development.

Transform Your Thinking And Visioneering As A Leader with Paul Nyamuda – 009

Paul Nyamuda is known widely as an expert in leadership and emotional intelligence.  Paul is an Organisational Psychologist who has researched extensively on the subject of leadership development and personal success.

Finding Your Strengths And Having Core Confidence with Dennis Sumlin – 008

Dennis is a communication and self development coach and public speaker. He is from New York and typically helps young men in his valley to communicate better and live their purpose.

How To Get The Mental Edge And Become Dangerous Again with Erik Kruger – 007

Erik Kruger is a keynote speaker, author, and mental performance coach and he works with leaders and organizations to help them improve thinking and behavior in the context of high-performance, mental toughness, and assertiveness.

You Are Always Greater Than What You Think with Warren Munitz – 005

Sometimes we are not sure how to navigate ourselves in life and then the simple answer to the confusion is to ask for help. In this episode I spoke to Warren Munitz, Executive Coach, Integration Therapist, Master NLP Coach & Trainer, Hypnotherapist & Founder of Integrative Coaching.

The Secret To Happiness Has To Do With The War On Comfort Zones with Martelize Brink – 004

Martelize has been in a wheelchair for over 20 years due to this illness she experienced as a teen. Through her seemingly discomforting situation, she felt complete freedom and joy and chose to look at life through the lens of optimism.

How Humility, Vision And Commitment Combined Can Influence Your Life with Champion Trailrunner Thabang Madiba – 003

I had a chat with Thabang Madiba and he is such a humble and inspirational guy. Through hard work, dedication, and passion, he has won the South African Trail Running Championships multiple times and was the first black South African to represent the country in trail running. He is the Two Oceans Marathon Trail Race Champion, Skyrim African Champ & Racing Madagascar Champion.

The Key To Life Is Living Your Highest Values And Understanding How They Work with Nershen Pillay – 002

Nershen Pillay is a licensed practitioner for Dr. John Demartini and a human behavior specialist who researches quantum physics, cell biology, neurology, brain chemistry and more, all in the pursuit of understanding which laws govern us. In this episode we discuss how and why we should live a life according to our highest values